We are a supportive, active writer’s group welcoming creative people who want to write for theatre, radio and screen. New members are welcome.

Started at the Lantern Theatre in 2014 by Margaret Connell and led by Trisha Duffy work by members of the group was showcased at Scratch Nights at the Lantern and some of those works were developed into full length performances. Most recently work by members was performed at 81 Renshaw Street in July and August 2018. The cost of hiring meeting room and performance space and paying for a technician etc is met by the group through members’ subscriptions and outside donations. Where possible any income from performances goes to the actors and directors on a profit share basis.

2018 saw work by two members on tour, those being Satan & Mrs Smith and Kitty: Queen of the Washhouse.Trisha Duffy’s Broken Biscuits played to sold out houses at the Royal Court Nov/Dec.

BossNewPlays 4&5  brought more original work to 81 Renshaw Street in March 2019. Kitty: Queen of the Washhouse is booked at St George’s Hall for March 2019. 

Lantern Writers meet the Unity Theatre in Hope Place on Monday evenings to workshop ideas and scripts for performance.

Extract from our constitution

  1. Article Two Aims

2.1 Purpose

The purpose of this organisation shall be to:

  • To encourage and support members to develop the skills and expertise to write high quality scripts
  • To produce new writing
  • To provide a forum for providing supportive and constructive feedback on new scripts
  • To showcase the work produced through Scratch Nights and complete performances in each year
  • To maximize funding opportunities to support the above activities.

2.2. Not for Profit Status

The organisation is a not for profit organization, all funds raised are for the sole purpose of promoting the production and performance of member’s work.

  1. Article Three – The Membership

3.1 Scope of Membership

Membership will be open to all scriptwriters.

3.2 Membership Numbers 

Membership numbers will be flexible and will be determined from time to time by the members, in order to pursue the objectives of the group.

3.3 Member Responsibilities

Members agree to:

  • Be regular attenders at the group
  • Pay a contribution of £17 per month by standing order. These fees will be reviewed from time to time, and are levied at the discretion of the group
  • Treat each and all members with respect and consideration
  • Support colleague writers with constructive advice
  • Contribute to the planning, preparation and running of Scratch Nights and productions
  • Endeavour to inform fellow members of writing and training opportunities
  • Members are encouraged to attend relevant writing courses
  • Adhere to the constraints of the Data Protection Act as it pertains to the Lantern Writers, it’s members and contacts
  • Accept the collectives decisions about selection of scripts for performance
  • Promote the work of the Lantern Writers.